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    I love this so much.

    omg this is too funny

    Lol yes.

    Pt.2 Last 8 count was a free style lol 😜 (still working on it) #dance #exposedance #utahudo

    Danced a little and took a selfie just cuz 😁
    #snapbacks #tattoos




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    i got him the taesavge dude @pimpingiseasyy

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    there is always hope 

    i live for this post

    Had a great time assisting an teaching these amazing dancers in Idaho today, for Basic Dance Training #BDT with the lovely ladies of #UtahUDO @kylieebronk and @nataliekeys / @funkeysclothing Thanks for Having is come out and teach! 😁 #exposedance

    My nephew Cody is visiting from North Dakota and these are the things he randomly says. #toocute 😬 @pinaysis09 good job for making this bebe lol


    one more state I can’t enter

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    Good Morning :) so this is the piece I taught at the U this past Thursday for the Rhythm Hip Hop Club. Special thanks to Maci for assisting me! I love you ❤️😬😜




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    Hey YOU THERE! What are you doing tomorrow? Nothing? Well come take Two FREE classes at the Heritage Center at Utah University :) I heard a there were awesome teachers teaching 😁. #UtahUniversity #Free #DanceLife #exposedance #udo #HipHop (at heritage center utah university)

    Happy Father’s Day to my older brother Johnny, my older brother Stephan, and my Dad. You guys are awesome fathers and I love you all. I just want to take the time to thank you Dad for everything that you have done for me. I know we have had our ups and downs and even times where we didn’t even talk, but in the end you were always there for me and you were the person I would call for in need of advice. Thanks dad for raising me to be independent and strong and to work for what I want and helping and supporting me in my dreams. #Happyfathersday

    #ThrowBackTuesdays. @KodachromeVA look who is found lol.
    It’s crazy how I met this guy on Virginia 3 months ago, now I meet him again in Colorado out of all places #smallworld. Freaking awesome teacher, person, and dancer. I am honored to have made your acquaintance again my friend @raybasa and that awkward talk at the resturaunt 😜!! #kodachrome #exposedance #udo (at block 1750 studio colorado boulder)


    i scrolled down for an explanation and there was none

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    Waiting for this bus 😜

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