#Freestylefriday!!!! Lol first song on iPod shuffle go 👊! #dancelife #PusherLove #JustinTimberlake 😁


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    Bought my first car 😁 it’s not amazing but it’s not bad either! I’m proud to get it on my own though! It feels like a bunch of stress is off my shoulders!

    Late Night practice at the studio! #dancelife #UDO

    #TBT cheese’n with my favorite k-pop stars lol jk 😜 when I taught at University of Virginia #UVA #MightyWorkshop I miss you guys!

    I just wanted to say how much of an honor it is to learn from such a great and wonderful individual! Thanks for sharing your talent and wisdom with us! I loved your class!!! Ps. You are officially my #mcm lol love you bro @larkinpoynton

    Lol here is the second part. There are a lot of people that keep asking me for it so I’ll just post it (even tho it’s not that much lol) ☺️ thanks guys!

    Lol do you wanna build a snowman??? 😁😁⛄️⛄️⛄️⛄️#whatIdowhenimbymyself #frozen #imaLoser 😭 #bathroomAcoustics

    Home from dance rehearsals #sundaySelfies lol nothing else to do. 😁

    Happy Birthday to my beautiful little sister! I’m so proud of you 😁 You have grown into such a wonderful young woman! I know we were mortal enemies as kids but you have literally grown into my best friend and I love you for it! I wish you many more and I’m sad I couldn’t celebrate this amazing day with you! Love you so much little sister ! Once again Happy Birthday!

    #tbt that awkward moment where you miss the open mouth memo! Lol love these girls ! So much fun assisting you at BDC in Idaho 😁

    Come Join me today at Dance Arts Theater @datutah from 8pm-9pm for Adult Hip Hop 5$
    Location: 1939 E Murray Holladay Rd (entrance in the back )


    "i’m hungry"
    "you just ate"

    My #wcw are these sexy and beautiful ladies of UDO :) I had so much fun in Vegas with them this past weekend! Love you all sooo much!! #HHI #Dancers

    So what started out as a fun way to take a free class became so much more. I made it all the way through 8 hours of auditions yesterday, to the second day of auditions , and second to last cuts. I have to say Cirque Du Soleil has been one off the biggest inspiration and eye openers for me. So I’m definitely going to train more and come back better and stronger next year 😁 #CirqueDuSoleil #DanceLife #InspireToInspire #LasVegas

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