Happy Birthday to my beautiful little sister! I’m so proud of you 😁 You have grown into such a wonderful young woman! I know we were mortal enemies as kids but you have literally grown into my best friend and I love you for it! I wish you many more and I’m sad I couldn’t celebrate this amazing day with you! Love you so much little sister ! Once again Happy Birthday!

    #tbt that awkward moment where you miss the open mouth memo! Lol love these girls ! So much fun assisting you at BDC in Idaho 😁

    Come Join me today at Dance Arts Theater @datutah from 8pm-9pm for Adult Hip Hop 5$
    Location: 1939 E Murray Holladay Rd (entrance in the back )


    "i’m hungry"
    "you just ate"

    My #wcw are these sexy and beautiful ladies of UDO :) I had so much fun in Vegas with them this past weekend! Love you all sooo much!! #HHI #Dancers

    So what started out as a fun way to take a free class became so much more. I made it all the way through 8 hours of auditions yesterday, to the second day of auditions , and second to last cuts. I have to say Cirque Du Soleil has been one off the biggest inspiration and eye openers for me. So I’m definitely going to train more and come back better and stronger next year 😁 #CirqueDuSoleil #DanceLife #InspireToInspire #LasVegas

    #HipHopInternational I love these people !!! #HHi #ExposeDance


    dear cute people who live far away,

    first off, how dare you?

    Heard this when I woke up and couldn’t get it out of my head, so I’m singing it lol “Stay with Me” Sam Smith #earlyMorningProblems #SamSmith #StayWithMe #singing #LongHairDontCare !!! 😁

    Happy National Dance day! Turn up your music and just dance like nobody is watching 😁 #exposedance #kodachromeVA #dancelife #NationalDanceDay

    Me and the Bae Maci yesterday lol #instadaily #whatever #dancers

    Pool time :) #relaxing #instadaily #tattoos #snapback #sun

    So if you are in the Salt Lake Utah area and you are looking to find a place to dance check out @datutah !! During the first two weeks of August (starting Aug.4th) they are offering free classes everyday! Sign ups now! Or come by and say hi :) #exposedance #DatUtah




    This is currently entertaining me to no end.

    I love this so much.

    omg this is too funny

    Lol yes.

    Pt.2 Last 8 count was a free style lol 😜 (still working on it) #dance #exposedance #utahudo

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