VOGUE - Paris Is Burning (1990).

    Nice dance history

    Incase you missed class yesterday! Open Hip-Hop classes tonight at Dance Arts Theater of Utah 8:30-9:30pm ! Location 1939 East Murray Holladay Road, Holladay, UT (entrance in the back) 10$ drop in :) . Also here is an awesome video of one of UVU Hip-Hop Classes! With special thanks to @zoeygurl07 @luckijen @trev_uh007 @bridgemccoy7 @alzy95 and @sie_stars (tag anyone else that I didn’t mention in the comments below!) love you guys

    Hey check out this AWESOME kid that I taught today! Lol challenged myself to mellow it out and make it smooth today!!! Thanks @tylerphopho and great song choice !

    #Headshots thanks to Samijo!

    Lol another wake up and sing moment☺️ “Say something” Big World & Christina Aguilera. #thisiswwhatyoudowhenyouhavealotoffreetime #singing

    #Freestylefriday!!!! Lol first song on iPod shuffle go 👊! #dancelife #PusherLove #JustinTimberlake 😁


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    Bought my first car 😁 it’s not amazing but it’s not bad either! I’m proud to get it on my own though! It feels like a bunch of stress is off my shoulders!

    Late Night practice at the studio! #dancelife #UDO

    #TBT cheese’n with my favorite k-pop stars lol jk 😜 when I taught at University of Virginia #UVA #MightyWorkshop I miss you guys!

    I just wanted to say how much of an honor it is to learn from such a great and wonderful individual! Thanks for sharing your talent and wisdom with us! I loved your class!!! Ps. You are officially my #mcm lol love you bro @larkinpoynton

    Lol here is the second part. There are a lot of people that keep asking me for it so I’ll just post it (even tho it’s not that much lol) ☺️ thanks guys!

    Lol do you wanna build a snowman??? 😁😁⛄️⛄️⛄️⛄️#whatIdowhenimbymyself #frozen #imaLoser 😭 #bathroomAcoustics

    Home from dance rehearsals #sundaySelfies lol nothing else to do. 😁

    Happy Birthday to my beautiful little sister! I’m so proud of you 😁 You have grown into such a wonderful young woman! I know we were mortal enemies as kids but you have literally grown into my best friend and I love you for it! I wish you many more and I’m sad I couldn’t celebrate this amazing day with you! Love you so much little sister ! Once again Happy Birthday!

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